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Dear Friend,

Look, I’m not one for making wild claims, but what I’m about to reveal could make you more money, with less effort, than any form of trading you may have tried in the past.

Let me explain…

With your permission, I’d like to start sending you email alerts containing details of ‘set and forget’ Forex trades that take less than 2 minutes to place.

There are no fancy charts or indicators to get in the way.

In fact, apart from a few minutes setting up your trade, you NEVER need to look at the screen to trade at all!

And yet, you could look forward to regular gains that turn a £2,500 starting bank into £4,162 in three months…  £6,931 in six months… £11,540 in nine months… and £19,216 in one year. (By the way, you can start with as little as £200.)

I’ll go even further…

To make this a complete no-brainer (and prove these aren’t empty promises), you can get these alerts for the next 90 days RISK-FREE and see how much you can make.

You don’t need any previous experience – making it ideal if you’re trying Forex trading for the first time.

Even if you’ve had little or no success in the past, I genuinely believe this could restore your faith in trading and get you making regular profits fast.

IMPORTANT: There are only a very limited number of people I can send these alerts to, so this risk-free invitation is only open for 7 days. (I’ll explain why in a moment.)

It closes at midnight on Thursday 16th May, or sooner if all the places are snapped up.

So, if you are interested, please read what follows very carefully and take action…

My name is Rich Fitton.

I’ve traded the financial markets since 2003.

You may know me as the editor of Trader’s Nest eletter or the Forex Breakthrough Academy. I also created hugely popular trading strategies including Plugin Trader and FX Flow Trader.

I’ve helped thousands of people to trade more successfully.

But I’ve got to admit that my new 4DFX trading alert service could be bigger than all of them combined.

You see, for the first time ever I can now share the innermost professional trading methods I was taught by two legendary pit traders at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Who were the pit traders?

I’m sure you’ve seen the images of a crowd of traders all using hand signals to communicate buy and sell.

What you may not know is the fee to join this exclusive club was an eye-watering $400,000 (£307,796)!

And yet, during the mid-1990s, it was said that the Chicago Board of Trade had more millionaires per square foot than any place on earth!

As you can imagine, it was a highly competitive environment where only the most ambitious, aggressive and quick thinking traders would rise to the top.

Every day was like entering a gladiatorial amphitheatre.

During intense periods of buying and selling, traders would be physically pushed out of the pit and had to scramble back into the heart of the action.

In the sea of coloured jackets, the closer you were to an order filler from a big bank or brokerage house the more you could make. When the price reached certain levels, you’d see what appeared to be a scrum of bodies surrounding a particular trader, waving arms and pieces of paper at him.

While this all may seem like total chaos to outsiders… at the time it was the most efficient way to manage the world’s financial markets including commodities, stocks and the biggest of them all – Forex.

Today, the pit traders have all but disappeared.

The financial deregulation in London, New York and Chicago during the late 1980s saw the open outcry of the pits replaced by electronic screen-based trading.

Although traders now spend most of their time at a desk surrounded by screens, they still use many of the same core pit techniques.

And it’s these proven pro trader methods I’m now using to find the Forex trading opportunities I’d like to start sending you as part of your 90-day risk-free trial.

You don’t need to do any of the hard work yourself

I’ll find the trades and send you simple instructions each evening around 10:30pm (Sunday – Thursday) showing you how to set them up yourself. And don’t worry if you can’t place the trade that evening – you can do it the next morning.

The bottom line is you could soon be enjoying a completely different way of trading Forex…

There’s no screen watching… no expensive charting packages… no complex combinations of indicators to decipher.

How can this be possible? Take a look at the image below…

What’s missing from this trader’s screens?


That’s right: no Bollinger Bands, MACDs, Moving Averages, RSIs or Stochastics…

None of the esoteric charting patterns beloved of technical analysts… Fibonacci retracements, double tops, heads and shoulders…

What you can see in the image above is a trader looking at what’s known as order flow. Just the pure data of how much interest there is at any given price.

You see, all the pros really need to trade is the PRICE and VOLUME.

Back in the days of the pits, it was easy to see which prices had the most interest. Many traders would use just this raw data to profit – the movement of the crowd and the rising volume of shouts – as a signal to where the action was. All they had to do was literally follow the crowd and the noise.

Of course, once trading moved to the electronic terminals, these raw audio-visual cues disappeared.

And yet, if you know what to look for, it’s possible to track the same raw market forces… the professionals buying and selling…

What’s important is identifying which price levels are important to the market. In other words, the prices where the professionals are buying or selling in large numbers.

Now don’t worry about this right now. I’ll explain everything when you join.

I’m just sharing this with you now to prove that my 4DFX alerts are grounded in REAL professional methods – not something dreamed up by a chart nerd or complex indicator.

Can you really make consistent Forex profits without fancy charts, indicators or previous trading experience… all in just 2 minutes per day?

If you’ve had negative experiences with trading systems in the past, you’re probably very sceptical right now.

I know this might appear too good to be true.

The truth is that one of the biggest causes of trading losses is due to our over-reliance on charts and indicators. Unless you can dedicate a big chunk of your spare time to mastering technical analysis and all the charting tools, it’s like entering the boxing ring to fight Mike Tyson with both hands tied behind your back!

And yet we take it for granted that charts are an essential part of trading. We don’t want to look stupid or ill-informed, so we go along with the ‘received wisdom’ – even if deep down we feel there’s something not quite right…

But doesn’t it make more sense to base your trading decisions on what’s happening right now in the market rather than some complex combination of indicators or software…

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use proven methods used by those legendary pit traders – whose fortunes and reputations were based on results – and not a chart or indicator in sight.

They traded REALITY – what was happening in the present moment.

No predictions or backtesting – just the hard data of what the professional money was doing at any given time.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying charts don’t work.

They are great for when you need to identify longer-term trends. But their almost total dominance in the trading industry has stopped other equally legitimate (and profitable) approaches that are often better suited to non-professionals like us.

And now you have a chance to discover a genuine alternative to traditional charting approaches.

Proof you can make big profits from just 4% a week

Look, I’m not suggesting this is some kind of ‘overnight riches’ scheme and you’ll be ready to retire by the end of the week.

Instead, you’ll have the foundations of your own long-term trading income stream.

In fact, you might be surprised when I tell you that all we’re aiming to make is just a 4% return each week.

Ok, I know that might not sound like much, but stick with me. I’ll show you how much your trading bank could grow over the next year by reinvesting your profits and letting compounding create exponential growth. (And as you’ll see in a moment, we’re actually averaging more than 5% a week, but I just want to be conservative.)

So how much could your bank grow with a 4% weekly return?

As you can see below, the growth starts slowly. But with every passing month, the magic of regular compounding kicks in and your gains multiply exponentially…

Month 1 = +18.3%
Month 2 = +36.6%
Month 3 = +66.5%
Month 4 = +97.0%
Month 5 = +132.3%
Month 6 = +177.2%

After six months, £2,500 starting bank would have grown to £6,931.17.

Before we continue, I just want to show you that making 4% per week is possible.

The table on the right shows the last 12 weeks of results of my 4DFX alerts – the same ones you could soon be receiving if you manage to claim one of the risk-free trials.

These trades were based on a 7 pip stop loss and a 14 pip profit target.

Put simply, it means the most you can lose on a trade is 7 pips and the most you could make is 14 pips.

(I’ve tested various stop loss and profit target combinations and this one hits the sweet spot.)

As you can see, sometimes the weekly gain is higher. Sometimes lower. One week was breakeven. And one week showed a small loss.

The total net profit after 12 weeks was 65.13%.

That works out at an average of 5.42% per week.

But let’s be conservative – if you could grow your bank by just 4% each week and reinvest your profits, can you guess how much a £2,500 bank would grow to over 12 months?




Nope, by only ever risking a maximum 2% of your bank on each trade, your starting bank would grow to…


Of course, you may be tempted to take out some of your profits to spend on yourself and your family.

That’s fine too.

You can cash out some, or all, of your profits at any time. And remember you can start with as little as £200, just bear in mind that it will take longer for your bank to hit the big money.

You could make £1,562
pure profit during your
90-day risk-free trial

Based on that conservative 4% weekly return, you could see a potential return of 66.5% over 3 months…

That works out at £1,662 profit on a £2,500 starting bank.

And if you were mad/stupid/short-sighted, you could cancel your subscription, get your fee refunded and keep all your profits!

I say mad/stupid/short-sighted, because if you were making that kind of a return from just 2 minutes a day, surely you’d stick around for more… wouldn’t you?

I mean, just look at how a 4% net return each week swells a £2,500 bank over the months…

6 months >>>> £6,931

9 months >>>> £11,540

12 months >>>> £19,216

Yes, the compounding effect starts slowly, but over the long term it picks up and your potential gains become exponential!

If you waited another 6 months, your bank would surge to £53,277.

And I’m almost too embarrassed to say how much your £2,500 could grow to over 2 years at 4% per week… but what the heck… you’d be sitting on a grand total of


But wait, before you put a down payment on that Aston Martin or luxury holiday on a private Caribbean island, I need to explain something.

You see, while turning £2,500 into £147,709 in 24 months is theoretically possible, your bank is unlikely to ever grow this big.

First, because the amount you’re risking on each trade would be psychologically too much.

While it would still only be 2% of your total bank, you’d be staking £2,000 per trade once your bank got to £100,000.

I don’t know about you, but just the thought of losing TWO GRAND on a single trade would make me very nervous.

If you’d built your bank up to six figures you’d be confident that the winning trades would soon recoup any loss and put you back into profit, but the human brain is hardwired to avoid such stressful situations.

And I suspect you’d be out there enjoying your profits a long time before it hit 6 figures…

Another reason (which is kind of a benefit too) is that while these trades only take around 2 minutes on average to place each evening (or next morning), you don’t have to follow every trade to make money.

You can go on holiday and forget about them… ok, so you might miss out on some gains, but the great thing is you can just start again at any time and pick up where you left off.

My guess is that once you start to see the ease and regularity of taking the trades, you’ll find a way to access your email and your trading account for 2 minutes or so… no matter where you are!

And yes, you can use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to trade.

No matter what happens, this method
works over the long term!

Let me reassure you… this isn’t one of those strategies that only works under certain market conditions.

All too often I hear horror stories from people who have paid a lot for a trading system that works well, to begin with at least, but suddenly stops.

The good news is that as long as there are actively traded Forex markets, the method behind all the 4DFX trades will always work.

Of course, individual Forex pairs can trend sideways or enter a period of high volatility. That’s not a problem for 4DFX, as we have five of the most actively traded pairs to choose from and can always lock onto where the action is happening.

Right now, I’m avoiding any pairs with the UK Pound because of the whole Brexit uncertainty. But as soon as it returns to ‘normality’ we can add it to the mix and potentially increase our weekly returns even higher!

To start your 90-day risk-free trial just go to the bottom of this page and click on the button.

You could be placing your first high-probability 4DFX trades as soon as this evening.

What’s more, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it for yourself. Each week I’ll also send you a review of the last seven day’s trading. You can watch me as I use the same pro-tested method to find profitable trades.

Eventually, you’ll begin to spot these same conditions for yourself. And before you know it, you’ll use the same set of trading skills to pull in regular wins for yourself. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this, but it’s there as an option if you get the ‘pit bug’.)

Whatever happens, I will continue to send you the daily alerts. 

Now let me tell you a bit about my background and why I am so confident you could be making regular profits following the 4DFX alerts.

It’s all thanks to Nick Leeson
(the man who broke Barings Bank!)

My first introduction to trading was when a friend invited me to a breakfast meeting in Manchester back in 2003.

The guest speaker was Nick Leeson.

Remember him? He was the original rogue trader who made huge profits but ultimately broke Barings Bank back in the 1990s.

To be honest, I expected him to be a brash, arrogant so-and-so, but he turned out to be a very modest and approachable bloke.

Of course, he’d been no angel, but his bosses used him as a scapegoat for much of their mismanagement.

The content of his speech was like catnip to me.

He recounted his adventures at the SIMEX futures exchange in Singapore when it was still a fledgling trading centre.

The place sounded like the wild west… he was physically elbowing his way into the trading pits and clawing his way back out with fistfuls of cash!

I knew this was something I had to have a taste of for myself.

To begin with, I didn’t have a mentor, so I had to figure it out for myself.

I had to test, trial, and learn using my own money, whilst worrying about paying the mortgage and providing for my young family.

I managed to navigate my way through some early hair-raising exploits in spread-betting the FTSE100.

And then I got lucky…

With a bit of bare-faced cheek and persistence, I ‘ethically bribed’ my way into the world of Chicago’s futures exchanges and found TWO mentors who would teach me the fundamental techniques of the pit.

They agreed on one condition: I promised that for as long as they were trading I wouldn’t share what I learned with anyone.

One of my mentors had a little booth at the side of the T-Bond futures pit where he had his computer set-up. He traded off the screen.

My other mentor was a cigar-chomping ‘barn door’ of a man who traded in the pit.

They had lots of personal contacts across the trading floor which they used to gather gossip and insider info so they usually had a good idea of what the brokers were up to.

They’d often give me a heads-up before the opening bell.

Stuff like “okay, 10 minutes ’til the open. Word in the pit is they’ll be driving the market down 10 ticks to run the stops and then lifting it to 132 (or whatever).

Or “Watch out for XXX bank coming in at 135. The floor says they’re looking to short this rally.”

Other bits of info would be shared throughout the day as they got the tips.

They could even make money by spotting brokers with purple faces! 

They had a mental database of poker-style ‘tells’ that various pit brokers had.

For example, if the market was rallying, and they saw ‘Fred Jones’ who filled orders for XYZ bank start loosening his collar and fiddling with his glasses, they knew he was about to come in with a load of orders.

They even knew whose high blood pressure would make their face turn purple when they were getting hammered – if the pit knew the institution behind the purple-faced trader was caught wrong-footed they’d try to drive price against them just to put the squeeze on a bit more!

Of course, they didn’t only rely on these quirky signs.

They were tough, hard-nosed speculators who had a whole series of methods for picking out trades.

And over the years I absorbed them all and traded the pits from my home thousands of miles away!

I did it all… scalping Treasury bond futures minute-by-minute to the point where I dreaded the weekend coming around because the markets would be closed.

I traded the seasonal trends of the commodities… the Live Cattle, the Pork Bellies, Kansas Wheat… (the film Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd gave a glimpse into this world).

Of course, it wasn’t all fun…

I got well and truly burned by an automatic trading program – a forerunner of today’s Forex ‘robots’.

I’ve had GLOBEX (the electronic exchange for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) go down on a Friday afternoon while I was still holding futures contracts in EUR/USD on what started out as a short-term day trade…

I was sweating bullets until the following Monday – the market closed for the weekend and nobody could tell me if I was still holding them or not. Indeed, rumour has it a rat chewed through a cable at the exchange and took the whole network down.

(Don’t worry, we won’t have this issue. As part of 4DFX, we make sure any outstanding trades or unfilled orders are manually exited on Friday evening before the broker shuts up shop. We go into the weekend with a clean slate and then start afresh on Sunday night.)

So, on one hand, it’s fair to say I’ve got a huge amount of real-world trading experience under my belt across multiple markets and time-frames.

But I’ve stuck with Forex because it is hands-down the most exciting and potentially profitable market to trade.

And now with 4DFX I have turned those pure pit trading methods into an alert service that overcomes all the big obstacles and gives traders, of all backgrounds, a route to trading success.

But rather than trading in real time, with all the stress and hassle that involves, I’ve figured out a way to apply the pit trading approach to end-of-day Forex trading setups.

So instead of staring at a screen and charts with your finger hovering over the mouse ready to click, you can take your time.

No rush. No worries of whether you have timed it right. And as I mentioned, you can even place your trade the next morning.

It really is as easy as entering a couple of numbers and clicking a few buttons.

You don’t need any previous trading experience.

You don’t need any interest in trading for that matter.

You don’t need to learn any complicated stuff.

All you do is look up a few numbers on the daily email I’ll send you, and then place your orders.

In total, just 2 minutes of work. That’s it.

And as you’ve seen, the aim is to deliver an average 4% return week after week over the long term.

Why You Don’t Need a High
Strike Rate to Make Big Gains 

It’s a myth that you need a high strike rate to make money trading.

It’s not something any pro trader would take seriously.

Ultimately it’s how much you make.

So it’s important to accept from the start that we won’t win every trade.

Pretending that losing trades can’t or won’t happen is not a professional (or profitable) approach.

Instead, we aim to make between 150% to 200% return on any money placed at risk with our 4DFX trades.

So, for example, if you place a trade that risks £20 you’ll be looking for a £30-£40 profit.

A high reward-to-risk ratio like this means you can comfortably take any losing trades in your stride.

That’s why it’s no good trading for just a week or two, taking a few losing trades, and tossing a trading strategy out as no good. When playing the probabilities, you need a little patience to allow averages to play out. As you saw earlier, we don’t make exactly 4% each week – that’s the average.

Sometimes it is more. Sometimes less.

And that’s why I’m making sure you can try out 4DFX for 90 days risk-free and see for yourself. That’s more than enough time to see the true potential.

It means you can follow the trades and see how consistent weekly returns can work magic on your trading account.

To secure one of the limited risk-free trial places on 4DFX, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on the link and go to the secure subscription reservation form.

As soon as your membership is confirmed (usually after just a few minutes), I’ll send you an email containing the login details for the 4DFX members-only website.

Once on the site, you’ll see I’ve put together the easy-to-follow start-up instructions – this will take you through the essentials, including how to set up a trading account. (The good news is this isn’t spread betting, so doesn’t have all the restrictions of the ESMA rules.)

It will also get you ready for what you need to do when you receive one of my 4DFX alerts.

You can expect an email alert from me around 10:30 pm each Sunday to Thursday evening. You can place the trade then or, if you are not around or tucked up in bed, you can set it up first thing in the morning. Occasionally the price will have moved and you will miss the trade, but as there are plenty of trades to be had, it shouldn’t make much of a difference to your overall returns.

You’ll also get my NEW software tool that slashes trading times to just 83 seconds a day! 

I’ve done everything I can to minimize the time it takes you to place trades – normally it’s around 10 minutes each trading session.

But I knew we could do better.

So I got a programmer to create a special piece of software that dramatically reduces the time it takes to set up your trades.

On average (yes, I’ve timed it!)… it means you can be done and dusted in just 83 seconds! You get this FREE as part of the 4DFX service.

And each week I’ll also send you a video where I review all the action for the preceding seven days. This is designed to boost your confidence and show you how to apply the method yourself to make even more winning trades.

Ok, right now, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to access the 4DFX trade alerts…

First, remember you are risking nothing during the first 90 days. You can paper trade the signals if you wish. And you can get a full refund at any time during that period for ANY reason.

Now, based on a 4% average weekly return, and by reinvesting your profits, you could make a potential 66.5% return during the trial period.

With a £2,500 starting bank, you could make as much as £1,662 profit in 90 days.

If you decide to stay on, then you could see a similar starting bank grow to £6,931 after six months… £11,540 in nine months and £19,216 in the next year… and yet you’d never risk more than 2% on any single trade.

What’s more, you will be learning how to find trades like these for yourself – with the potential to boost your profits higher.

The official annual fee to get 4DFX alerts is £1,164+VAT.

I hope you’ll agree that’s great value when compared to the potential returns.

However, to reward you for becoming one of the founding members, if you respond now and manage to claim one of the first risk-free trials, you can get a whole year’s worth of alerts for just £970 +VAT. If you renew you can also lock in that saving for as long as you are a member

Alternatively, you can take the easy pay option of £291 +VAT per quarter.

Whichever option you go for, you can still get a full membership fee refund for any reason and at any time in the first 90 days.

Click here to grab one of the limited places.

Why am I asking you for the fee now?

Whenever I release a new strategy or service I always get emails that go something like this…

“Rich, if you’re so confident it works, send me the alerts for free and when I make money I’ll happily pay for it.”

In my experience giving something away for free just doesn’t work.

In fact, you could end up losing money.

If something is free, most people (me included!) don’t attach a great deal of importance or value to it.

And so, they tend to either completely forget about it or worse, just dip in and out without much commitment or real enthusiasm. That’s why having made an actual investment – even if it is totally refundable like this one – tends to make people more motivated.

Now, this kind of honesty might put some people off.

But I want to be straight with you.

Also, and on a purely commercial point of view, it costs money to put the training materials together, set up the 4DFX website, pay a software developer and organise all the support and customer service that ensures you have a great experience.

Limited places available and only open until 16 May!

This is the first time I’ve invited people to join 4DFX. While the Forex markets are huge and us creaming off weekly profits won’t make any difference to the prices, I want to keep the numbers small enough that I can work with everyone directly.

And that’s why all applications for the 90-day risk-free trial MUST be received by midnight, Thursday 16th May.

But please don’t leave it to the last minute… if we reach the limit I will close the doors without notice.

Give me 90 days and I’ll show you how to make a consistent profit trading Forex in just 2 minutes a day

I won’t resort to the usual clichés and hard sell.

You deserve to be treated with respect so that you can make your own mind up without all the hype and big promises.

And I don’t expect you to rely on the track record or my opinion to prove this strategy works.

Instead, try it for yourself right now – risk-free – and see how much you could make.

Here’s what I propose:

I’ll send you my 4DFX trade alerts by email for the next 90 days.

At the end of the trial period, you MUST be 100% satisfied that this can deliver on its promises.

There’s no catch, no conditions and I don’t want a cut of your trading profits.

At the end of the trial period, you decide if it’s worth the fee.

For your extra peace of mind, that guarantee is underwritten by Canonbury Publishing Ltd.

I’m extremely confident that followed correctly my alerts could help you to pull in an average 4% per week, from set-and-forget trades that take less than 2 minutes to manage thanks to the new software tool I have developed exclusively for 4DFX and will include free as part of your membership.

And remember, with a £2,500 starting bank, you could make as much as £1,662 profit in 90 days… £6,931 after six months… £11,540 in nine months and £19,216 in the next year… and yet NEVER risk more than 2% on any single trade.

So what are you waiting for?

Just click on the button below and start your risk-free trial.

Best regards

Rich Fitton
Trader and Creator of 4DFX

Disclaimer and Risk Warning:

4DFX Trader has been written and designed for educational purposes only.

There is a risk of loss in all trading. Trading is by its nature speculative and can be highly volatile. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Before investing, or if in doubt about the suitability of an investment please seek independent financial advice.

Trading Forex may not be suitable for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks. Any and all trading decisions you make are your own and reflect your own personal level of risks and trading skills. You accept full, complete and sole responsibility for all results for your trading.

Forex trading is unregulated and therefore is not regulated or authorised by the FCA.

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